• Why to exhibit?

    Why to exhibit?       

    • Leads negotiations with producer organizations appliances and engage in business partnerships with people in the industry. 
    • Engage in emerging technologies in the appliance industry.
    • Talk about ways to accelerate the development of home appliance industry.
    • initiated trade talks with organizations that have a variety of business interests.
    • Provide opportunities for the well-known brands.
    • The opportunity to meet with buyers.
    • ideal place to launch new products and finding sales agents or distributors in new markets.
    • The capability to assess the competitiveness.
    • transfer of technology, joint ventures, vendors, research and development.
    • To do business with existing business partners in the region.
    • To meet new distributors or sales agents in the region.
    • Generate new business in a region where homeware sales are accelerating.
    • Increase your ROI by meeting with regional customers in one place.
    • Create profitable and meaningful business networks with key decision makers.
    • Select and Buy Products.
    • Introduction of the collection as an important member in the appliance industry.
    • Strengthen and expand trade relations.
    • Meet with most important brands and a leader in the home appliance industry just over 4 days.
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